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Why MapleTronics?

Our Mission: To Empower Others to Fulfill Their Mission.

Our Story

Founded in Goshen, Indiana in 1992 by Wes Herschberger, MapleTronics is a full-service IT planning and managed services company with offices serving Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Middle Tennessee. Our solutions focus on four main areas: business continuity, security, stability, and support. 

Who We Serve

MapleTronics serves hundreds of clients from large manufacturing companies and healthcare organizations to single employee business owners.


We're focused on helping businesses create and execute a technology plan that serves their current mission as well as coming alongside them as they grow and mature. 


Problems We Solve

  • IT issues that are taking too long to be resolved or distracting your team from other more important job tasks​

  • Outgrowing a current IT provider​

  •  internal IT staff that are being stretched too thin​

  • Questions and concerns about security and compliance​

  • Unexpected IT costs that are breaking the budget

  • Uncertainty about IT planning and direction

Our Locations

Goshen, IN


2116 W. Wilden Ave.

Goshen IN, 46528

Columbia, TN


2488 Park Plus Dr. 

Suite B

Columbia TN, 38401

Our Core Values


Professional Excellence


Aspirational Growth


Proactive Optimization




Our Solve-With Process


Everything we do at MapleTronics focuses around our Solve-With Process. Whether you are a teammate, a client, or a vendor we focusing on working WITH you to find appropriate solutions to the issues you are facing. 

Step 1: First we LEARN about the needs of the person or organization we are working with. Learning is more than listening, it's actively attempting to understand where a person or organization is coming from and why they operate the way they do.

Step 2: Next we TAILOR. After learning all that we can about a person or organization we tailor solutions to solve the issues in a way that works best for the other party. 

Step 3: After learning and tailoring, we work hard to EQUIP/GIVE to people/organizations. Whether it's time, knowledge, resources, or something else, we're looking to take what we've learned and tailored and giving it to the person or organization we're working with. 

Step 4: When it's all said and done our goal whether working with clients, teammates, or vendors is to ultimately GIVE CONTROL and allow the other party to have the knowledge and experience to  take control and have ownership of their experience with MTC.


Join Team MTC

At MapleTronics, we believe that our team is one of our strongest assets. As a part of our team, you're given the opportunity to work in a way the showcases your strengths while growing your skillset to meet your personal and professional goals.  As a MTC teammate you'll enjoy competitive benefits and family first environment.

Solve With
Problem We Solve
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