Hosted Exchange

Powerful enterprise class communication

Microsoft Exchange delivers the enterprise-grade security and reliability that businesses require, but a pricey Exchange server may not be in your budget. Thankfully our affordable Hosted Exchange solutions provide all of the power and flexibility of an in-house Exchange server, with the added benefits of being more flexible and more secure, because your emails are stored on our secure, redundant cloud servers, so you don't have to worry about losing a thing.

Enterprise-Class Email Demands Enterprise-Class Support

You didn't think we were just going to give you all the great tools that are Exchange and leave you to figure it out on your own, did you? Of course not! Our Hosted Exchange comes with the same great MapleTronics support that you can expect to experience from all of our solutions. We can manage your exchange accounts for you, and if you call in, you can be sure you are working with a trained local technician.

Key Features



Email Security

You get up to 25GB per mailbox, so you don't have to worry about running out of space. Store and search all of your emails, even the really old ones.

Manage with Outlook



You'll easily be able to manage the information you deal with most everyday, and allow fluid collaboration between colleagues: share emails, calendars, tasks, and folders.

Messages which often contain harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while good messages continue on their way.

To take advantage of all the great functions of Exchange with Microsoft Outlook. If you have never used outlook with Exchange, you've never seen it shine.

With Outlook Web Access, you can use any web browser to access your Hosted Exchange mailbox, calendars, tasks, and contacts from any computer.

Microsoft ActiveSync ensures that you always have the most current data when you are on the go. Synchronize any device.

I currently use Outlook with POP3 account. Why switch?

Outlook offers mail, calendar, contacts and tasks for a single user. When you add Exchange, you now have access to the same features for your group, including meetings, and access to one another’s calendars. You also have access to public folders, which can be shared between group members. These folders can contain email messages, files, contacts, calendars, tasks, and memos.

Hosted Exchange Plans



-1 GB Storage per mailbox

-Email security

-POP & IMAP connectivity

-Outlook Web App (OWA)



-25 GB Storage Per Mailbox

-Email Security

-POP & IMPA Connectivity

-Outlook Web App (OWA)

-Active Sync (Mobile Sync)

-Policy Enforcement

-Shared Calendars & Contacts



-25 GB storage per mailbox

-Email security

-POP & IMAP Connectivity

-Outlook Web App (OWA)

-Active Sync (Mobile Sync)

-Policy enforcement

-Shared calendars & contacts


-SharePoint Integration

-Microsoft Lync (Standard)



-unlimited storage

-Email security

-POP & IMAP connectivity

-Outlook web app (OWA)

-Active Sync (mobile sync)

-Policy enforcement

-Shared calendars & contacts


-SharePoint Integration

-Microsoft Lync (Enterprise) 

Additional Options




+ $2.50/mo

+ $4/mo

+ $2/mo

Hosted Exchange is priced per month per user. Plans can be mixed and matched to fit individual user needs. Additional storage is available for $2.00/mo per 5 GB. Outlook training is available upon request.

Features of Lync Standard and Enterprise

Lync Standard

Rich Presence, IM (1:1 and Multiparty)

Microsoft Office Interoperability

Persistent Chat

Lync-to-Lync Calling (Voice and HD Video, 1:1) 

Lync Mobile Client (with Audio and Video) 

Lync Enterprise

Rich Presence, IM (1:1 and Multiparty)

Microsoft Office Interoperability

Persistent Chat

Lync-to-Lync Calling (Voice and HD Video, 1:1) 

Lync Mobile Client (with Audio and Video) 

Multiparty (3+) Audio/Video/Content Sharing (Scheduled and add HOC) 

Meeting Controls (Organizer and Lobby Experience)

Enhanced In-Meeting note taking with OneNote Sharing

Lync Multi-Party Video


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