Improving the home with technology.

Whether you're looking for a new computer, printer, or keyboard, or have a device that is not working properly Mapletronics offers a full service at home team ready to take on your needs. 



Custom Built Desktops & Laptops

When a customer walks into our store, we provide personal IT consulting: we get to know you, and learn how you plan on using technology, and then we tailor the machine completely based on your expecations.


Lenovo Laptops

We have partnered with Lenovo to offer multiple laptop product lines so customers have many options to find a system that meets their technology needs.


Intel NUC

A complete Mini PC in a tiny but mighty package, this Intel NUC with a quad-core Intel Pentium processor delivers the same performance and visuals you can get in a full size tower. 



ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET smart security built on award-winning ThreadSense engine are highly integerated security solutions trusted by millions of users to protect their computers agains a host of Internet-borne malware.


Cloud Backup by IDrive

Secure, fast, and simple online backup and file-sharing for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Keep your memories safe.

Computer Peripherals and Accessories

The personal computer is the main attraction while searching for new technology, but peripherals and accessories are just as important. It's hard to operate your new PC without a monitor, keyboard and the cords connecting them; moreover products like anti-virus and data backup are vital for security and longevity of your new device. We offer a wide variety of products that will enhance your technology experience including: 

  • Printers

  • Cables

  • Mice 

  • Keyboards

  • Monitors

  • Graphics Cards

  • Hard Drives & Solid State Drives

  • and more... 

Fix My Computer

Have a computer acting up? Need a virus removed? Need to upgrade your system for more storage capacity? Bring your device into Mapletronics or have our team come to you and we'll help find the right solution for you.


Whether you are currently experiencing a heart-piercing, harpy-like shrieking scream from your hard drive or just want to make sure your computer is running smoothly as possible, the first step is always to run a diagnosis. We have developed a full-service standardized diagnosis procedure that we run on your workstation. This diagnosis has no cost to you. 

Virus Removal

Mapletronics has developed a cutting-edge, always evolving, systematic virus removal procedure that will guarantee all of the viruses are removed from your computer. After running your computer through our virus removal procedure, you will feel safe with all of your computing.

Modern day computers and all other computing devices are complicated. With multiple screens, ample amount of unrecognizable cords, and software settings, setting up your computer can be confusing. We can help you get setup. 

Peripheral Install

Data Backup & Transfer

Do you have all of your data saved in only one location? In other words, do you have all of your photos of your grandchildren and all of your music located just on your computer? If so, we strongly suggest that you duplicate that information to another location. You are just one elbow slip away from losing everything.


When things get really bad and things like viruses make your computer virtually unusable, you may need to start from scratch. Reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling your operating system may be the best action to take. Contact us for a diagnosis and a Mapletronics' teammate help you through this grievous time.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Do you like driving around in an old jalopy that breaks down all the time, or do you want an efficient and depndable form of transportation? Like cars, there are different conditions, qualities, and functionality of hard drives, and depending on how you use your computer, it may be time to upgrade.


Visit Our Showroom

Our showroom in Goshen, Indiana is staffed with knowledgable teammates who are skilled and ready to help you with your home technology needs. Featuring a large array of products that we carry for you to check out before purchasing you're sure to find the help you need.

Showroom Location

Showroom hours:

Mon - Thu: 8 – 5

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2116 W Wilden Ave,

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