Your business relies on technology. Get it covered.

A Proactive Approach

Imagine running your business without having to worry about your computers, your network, or any of the technology your business relies on every day. Get-Covered is IT management that meets your expectations, goals and needs; providing 24x7 monitoring, patching, and support.


We have NOTHING to gain from your downtime. We have EVERY reason to prevent your systems from experiencing issues and to resolve them quickly when they do. When you're down, we're losing money. So, really with Get-Covered, you're not paying for repairs, your buying uptime.

Why Get-Covered?



Our monitoring agent allows us to quickly fix large and small problems in minutes. Anyone in your organization can call anytime and talk directly to a technician. 




We continually install critical operating system and software updates to keep your system secure and current with the lates features. We also make sure that all patches are compatible with the software your business uses, and won't cause you any issues.


On-site Support

If an issue requires us to come on-site we don't hesitate to dispatch a certified technician that knows your network and your needs.


24/7 Monitoring

We monitor the performance of your servers and respond to alerts to address potential problems before they turn into system failures.



Reporting allows you to make informed decisions and to know if the expectations of your investments are being met.






We take the complexity out of managing multiple IT vendors. If you are having an issue from a vendor, from software applications or ISPs, we work directly with them to remediate the problem. This allows you to focus on your job.

We keep your PCs running at optimal performance with a maintenance schedule that includes deletion fo temporary files, disk defragmentation and removal of temporary internet files. 




All covered machines have multiple malware protection layers including ESET. In today's age we know that not all protection is fool proof. Because of this if a PC does become infected we will quickly remove the infection or re-image the machine.

Get Covered FAQ

I have been paying for hourly services as needed. Why should I change?

Per hour you won't find a better value than Get-Covered. Our technicians and engineers will invest many hours every month into your network” even when you "seemingly" have had NO problems - to prevent downtime and tune it for optimal performance. Your downtime is more than the bill you receive from your IT service company (even if it is us). Your greatest and most expensive resource is your employees. When they experience a problem requiring an onsite tech, your employee will be down from the time the problem is first realized until the tech leaves your site with the problem resolved. Actual payroll dollars spent on an unproductive employee and lost opportunity with your clients are only a couple of the additional costs to downtime. The intent of managed services is to eliminate downtime where possible and reduce the time to resolution when not. A quality MSP will have the tools, knowledge and skills to arrive onsite (if necessary) with a higher probability to resolve the issue in dramatically less time.

Is the transition to Get-Covered Difficult? 

We make the transition to a managed proactive environment VERY easy. We do all the work for you and provide the training for your staff to know how to handle a support issue. During the first few days, we will install our management agents and perform preventive maintenance on all your system hardware. We will familiarize ourselves with your business and how you do what you do and how IT supports your corporate objectives. We will talk to your staff and learn from them. Then our NOC staff will begin running baseline reports to get a snapshot of where your network stands and identify areas needing immediate attention - essentially a built-in full scale network audit. Any critical areas are addressed and a report passed on to you. Next, the standard maintenance regimen begins and the HelpDesk becomes available to your staff. From then on it just gets easier for everyone.

Will it be expensive to get my systems ready to go on Get-Covered? 

Partnership is a two-way street. Our very first action with every Get-Covered client is a financial investment in them. Regardless of the condition of their network, we take on the burden of grooming it back to health. This can take many man-hours on-site and from the NOC but because of our MSP philosophy it is to the mutual benefit of you and us.