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Happy Holidays To You All

To the parents & grandparents who are scurrying around to make sure everything is bought, wrapped, and tied with a bow. We see you making the magic of Christmas appear for your children and grandchildren of all ages. We hope you remember in this busy season that no one will remember a specific gift or meal you prepared, what they’ll remember is the time you spend together over the holidays.

To the business owners who are constantly hustling, who have employees who depend on them, who know first-hand that businesses never sleep. We hope that you find time to rest over this holiday season and reflect on another successful year. Our wish for you is that you are able to surround yourself with loved ones and take time for yourself and your family.

To the young adults who are just finding their way in the world. Maybe you just graduated from college and are wrapping up your first year in your profession, maybe you are newly married and celebrating one of many soon-to-come “firsts” together, or maybe you are struggling paycheck to paycheck. We hope that you remember to enjoy this season of life you are in and we wish you a holiday season filled with loved ones, memories, and a break from the rat-race of life.

To the service workers who will continue to care for others above themselves this holiday season, often missing out on holiday gatherings and time with family. We appreciate your time and effort and the sacrifices you make every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, to provide services that we all could not function without. We hope that you find time to rest, recover, and spend time with loved ones over the next couple of weeks.

To those who are missing someone this holiday season, we know that you know all too well that the greatest gift of the holidays is a house full of everyone you love. We are sending a virtual hug to you during this season and hope you find love and support from your loved ones as you celebrate the holidays this year.

To everyone mentioned above and all those in between, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.

With Love,

Your family at Mapletronics

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