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An Introduction to Office 365 "MyAnalytics"

MyAnalytics is a new feature offered by Microsoft for many of the Office 365 plans. To find out if your Office 365 subscription includes MyAnalytics visit:

MyAnalytics gives you a personalized dashboard that gives you valuable insights into how to increase focus, achieve work-life balance, and improve your work relationships and team collaboration. To view your dashboard (if you have one) visit

Getting to Know Your Dashboard


The home screen is the opening page of your MyAnalytics dashboard. It shows you statistics about your work patterns over the past month. Some of these statistics include your focus and collaboration time, how many days you were able to disconnect from work, and how effectively you are networking with your coworkers.

Focus and Wellbeing:

The Focus section of your dashboard helps you get a better understanding of how much focused time on tasks you have available. It also gives tips on how to protect your calendar and manage distractions.

The Wellbeing section shows you how well you are doing at disconnecting from work during non working hours and time off and suggests ways to reduce stress and burnout.

Network and Collaboration:

The Network section shows information about your relationships with people in your network, based on your work activities over the past year.

The Collaboration section highlights who you are actively collaborating with over the previous month. It pulls in all social areas including emails, chats, calls, and meetings.

Productivity Insights

This section looks at all of your workplace activity and makes suggestions to help you improve upon your current work patterns.

Microsoft's MyAnalytics are a great new tool that can help you step back and look at your overall work patterns and behaviors. With this data you can learn to work more efficiently and make sure you are setting up your schedule to allow for proper time to complete tasks and projects and also enjoy uninterrupted down time.


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