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What clients are supported?

The following devices are supported by Cloud Cache

WindowsMACOutlook Plugin for PCAndroidIOSWindows Mobile

What is the maximum size per file that I can sync?

25 GB is the maximum file size allowed in Cloud Cache

What is the difference between a full user account and a guest account?

Full user accounts can install the Cloud Cache agents on their computers or mobile devices, sync files, share files, and have access to the web interface. Guest Accounts only have limited access to the web interface and are able to see files that are shared with them. Additionally full accounts are paid accounts while guest accounts are free.

How many guest accounts can I have?

There is no limit to the number of guest accounts an organization has.

Who can create guest accounts?

Any user who has a full account can create a guest account.

What if I don't want users to share files?

Contact the Network Operations Center and file sharing can be disabled. This setting is at the organization level and would affect all users within the organization? If there is a circumstance where some users need to share files and others shouldn't a sub-organization could be created and users within that organization could be restricted.

What can a guest account see within my organization?

A guest account can only see the files or folders that have been shared with them.

How is storage allocated?

Storage is allocated as a shared storage pool per organization. The storage pool is increased by 100 Gb for each user that is added.

Can I Sync QuickBooks data files?

No, QuickBooks data files should not be used with Cloud Cache.

Can I Sync Databases?

No, Database files should not be used with Cloud Cache.

If I want to sync users with Active Directory does that take an account?

To sync users with Active Directory it requires a license.

If I edit a document can I go back to the previous version?

Yes, all changes or revisions are retained in Cloud Cache.

How long are revisions retained in Cloud Cache?

By default file revisions are stored indefinitely. This can be modified by the company admin or by the Network Operations Center to meet your needs. Please keep in mind that the storage space that is consumed by the storage revisions counts towards your allocated storage pool.

If I delete a file accidentally can I recover it?

Yes, files that are deleted can be recovered for 120 days. After 120 days the file is permanently deleted. Files that have been deleted and are still within 120 days still count still count towards the organizations storage pool.

Can I change how long deleted files and revisions are saved on Cloud Cache?

Yes, the retention time for deleted files and revisions can be adjusted by the company admin or by our Network Operations Center.

Can Cloud Cache sync data on mapped network drives?

Cloud Cache cannot sync data on mapped network drives. The data must be local to the machine that has the Cloud Cache installed. If the server where the data located meets the system requirements for the Cloud Cache Agent the data could be synced using the File Server Enablement.

Can I control permissions of a folder under team share?

Users can be subscribed (added) or unsubscribed (removed) from a team share but controlling or modifying permissions on sub-folder(s) of a team share is not supported.

Can Cloud Cache Sync data that is on a NAS?

Data on a NAS cannot be synced. You must make sure that all of the data will be syncing is stored on a drive that is directly managed by a supported Operating System.


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