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December 2019 - What's New in Microsoft 365

This month's recap of Microsoft 365 updates focuses on collaboration and design.

To begin there is a breakdown of Microsoft's Fluid Framework. This new approach to collaboration focuses on meeting customers contextually instead of just visually across apps. When you collaborate with others you're normally thinking where to share, should you share on email, collaborate directly in documents, or communicate through teams. Microsoft's Fluid Framework allows you to collaborate more fluidly. You can start in one place or in one application and easily copy and elsewhere. You can keep going from application to application and they will all match. You can work directly wherever you wish and other collaborators can use their preferred tool or application.

  • Fluid framework is in public preview right now you can view it at in it's simplest form and also provide your feedback.

The next topic in this month's recap is mobile productivity. Microsoft recently pushed out new designs to all of its office 365 mobile apps. The main focus of the redesign was to use data on phone usage to improve the experience and also allow breakdowns for more micro-productivity. A couple of highlights in the new apps include:

  • Play My Emails in Outlook - this tool is available in Outlook's iOS app and allows you to listen to your inbox like a podcast and use voice commands to respond. This helps you be productive in times where you are unable to be reading your emails.

  • Fluid Mobile - Simplifies the Microsoft suite on phones and brings the best of Microsoft forward.


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