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Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?

As cybersecurity becomes a larger topic for businesses of all sizes daily, one important aspect to begin questioning is how your business would recover if it is targeted by cyber criminals. While the average cost of a cyber breach has increased to an average of $500,000 your business needs to have a plan in place for how you will recover.

Cyber insurance is an important consideration for business of all sizes as they are mapping out a cyber security plan. In our webinar (below) we are joined by insurance industry experts from Synergy Insurance Group discuss the current security landscape and give an overview of cyber insurance.

If you have any questions about how cyber insurance can benefit your business or how to begin the insuring process please reach out to our partners at Synergy Insurance Group for more information.

Cyber insurance is just one step in the cyber security planning process. Your security experts at Mapletronics are here to come along side you and assist in your security needs to help secure your business.

Please reach out to us at 800-358-7447 or here with any questions or to get started on your cybersecurity strategy.


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