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GUARD E.N. Security Week Wrap Up

Last week (May 17-21) we officially launched our new line of managed cybersecurity solutions: GUARD E.N. Security. Guard E.N. Security introduces our new security maturity model which is an important tool that helps make protecting your organization simple and logical. Our security maturity model helps business leaders decipher where their organization stands currently in security, where they'd like to be, and helps create a roadmap for how to get there.

To learn more about GUARD E.N. and to download our security maturity model visit:

To help kick off these new services we hosted a week full of related informational content called GUARD E.N. Security Week. In case you missed anything here's a recap:

  • Monday May 17 – We kicked off the launch of GUARD E.N. with an informative video. Watch it here.

  • Tuesday, May 18 – We released a special GUARD E.N. edition of our weekly security newsletter. Read it here.

  • Wednesday, May 19 – We launched our first episode of our new web-series: MTC Security Update. Watch the first episode here.

  • Thursday, May 20 – We released a special "What's a Security Maturity Model" podcast episode. Listen here.

  • Friday, May 21 – We broke down our security maturity model with a blog post. Read it here.

If you have any questions or would like more information about GUARD E.N. or our Security Maturity Model please feel free to schedule some time with one of our security experts.


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