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Join Us for Our NEW 2 Hour Outlook Class

​We’re offering a new class!

Do you use Outlook everyday? Are there days where you feel overwhelmed with the huge number of emails you receive and afraid that you will drop one of the balls you are juggling? Learn some time saving tips and tricks with our new Outlook Class.

This is a 2 hour class conveniently timed at the end of the work day (from 3-5 PM) and includes a handy resource card for you to take with you.

Highlights from the class include:

  • Tips and tricks for managing emails

  • Outlook Interface guide

  • Signatures – how to

  • Inline replies Guidance

  • How to manage folders & favorites

  • Appointments & Calendars guide

  • Quicksteps help

  • An interactive Q&A portion

Sign up now so we can save a spot for you. Limited spots available.

Upcoming Dates: March 20th | April 16th | May 14th | June 11th

Class price is $35 and includes an index card to take with you.

*All classes are held at Mapletronics Goshen, IN location from 3-5 PM.


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