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Mapletronics Announces Jon Morningstar as New President of Company

On Friday October 4, 2019, Mapletronics announced Jon Morningstar will be filling a new role of President for the company. Wes Hershberger will remain as the Chief Executive Officer and will focus on the visionary components of the company. Morningstar will be tasked with executing strategy, leading and managing change, leading the executive team, and will work with the executive team to run the day-to-day operations of Mapletronics.

"We are fortunate to have someone with Jon's expertise stepping in to fill our new role as President of Mapletronics", said Herschberger "He has proven his leadership and executive capabilities and I am more than confident that his work as our President will help strengthen our organization as it continues to grow."

Morningstar joined Mapletronics during the March 2019 merger with Blue Star as the Vice President of Innovation. Previously Morningstar was the cofounder of Blue Star where he served as CEO/President from 2004 until the merging of Mapletronics and Blue Star. Morningstar grew Blue Star at an average annual rate of 19.7% and was an integral part in leading the company to success. Morningstar took on an integral role in the integration of the companies throughout the recent merger and has proven his ability to innovate and lead.

"It is an honor to be chosen to be the President of Mapletronics. I am excited about the opportunity to work with Wes and our executive team in this new role. We have a great group of teammates and I am excited to be working with all of them as we together build on the history that we have, while simultaneously building towards our future together." -Morningstar.

Morningstar has stepped into the position of President of Mapletronics effective immediately after the announcement on Friday October, 4 2019.

Company Details

Mapletronics is a full-service IT planning and managed services company with offices in Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. Since 1992, Mapletronics has been serving its mission to empower people to fulfill their mission through transformative technology. Today, Mapletronics serves hundreds of clients from large manufacturing companies and healthcare organizations to single employee business owners. Our solutions focus on four main areas: business continuity, security, stability, and support.


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