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Tech Talk Show Notes - Episode 1

We are excited to officially launch Mapletronics new Podcast "Mapletronics Tech Talk". You can download today's episode on any of your favorite Podcasting Apps.

In today's episode we give a rundown of what you can expect from future episodes. We started Mapletronics Tech Talk to give a quick 15-20 minute run down on trending topics in Tech. This includes security updates, software and programs that you need to know about, technology news and exciting innovations, among other topics. We hope to break these topics down in a way that is easy for you to follow along with no matter how "tech-savy" you may or may not be.

The first episode Jordan & Scott dive into a discussion on passwords. Jordan brings up Google's new Chrome Extension (read about it here) that helps you find out if your password has been compromised during a hacking event. Scott talks about why you need strong passwords and what you can do to create strong passwords. Jordan & Scott discuss password policy and why it is important for all organizations to create and follow strict password policies.

To wrap things up Scott mentions some different methods for organizing and keeping passwords secure.


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