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Tech Talk Show Notes - Episode 3 - Let's Collaborate! with Microsoft Team & Yammer

In Episode 3 of Mapletronic's Tech Talk Jordan & Scott talk about productivity and collaboration with a couple of Microsoft's newer tools Teams & Yammer.

They kick off the discussion with an overview of teams and a quick chat about some features they love to use. These include:

  • Collaborating in real time with coworkers

  • Chatting with coworkers in an easy to use format

  • enjoying the security that comes with Microsoft

  • Adding third party apps to increase the usefulness of Teams

  • creating teams for different tasks and projects

To learn more about teams and what we love about it read our latest post on Teams here.

Next we summarize Yammer. We discuss how it creates a social media stream for your company and is great for making company wide announcements, sharing personal news, sharing articles and topics of interests and staying connected in a easy to use format. We are excited about Yammer and think it's a fun and unique way to implement your companies culture and keep your employees connected.

Episode 3 is available NOW on all of your favorite streaming apps or you can listen to it directly here.


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