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Tech Talk Show Notes - Episode 4 - Don't Be lured by a Phishing Scam

Episode 4 of the podcast is all about Phishing. Jordan & Scott have an in depth discussion on what Phishing is and how you can avoid being a victim.

The episode begins with a run down of what phishing is and some of the new phishing tactics that criminals are using to gain important credentials and information. Scott bring up one particular scheme where an employee is contacted from what appears to be a legitimate coworker (Spoiler alert: it's not!) and asked to purchase gift cards the hacker then asks for the gift card information and spends the money on the cards.

From this conversation Jordan gives some tips and tricks for what to look for when you receive a message and indicators that it may be a phishing scam. They also go into ways in which a criminal tries to trick you into giving out confidential information.

At the end of the episode Jordan & Scott remind you that if you think you have fallen victim to any type of phishing email or scam contact your IT support staff right away. This is not something to embarrassed about and reaching out right away gives your IT staff the best chances of shutting it down before it goes too far.

You can read more about phishing on our post here.

We'll be back in 2 weeks. You can listen to our episode NOW on all of your favorite streaming apps or listen directly at


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