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Tech Talk Show Notes - Episode 6 - Troubleshooting Your Common Computer Problems

Welcome back for Episode 6 of Mapletronics Tech Talk Podcast. This week Jordan & Scott are back to talk about common computer issues and how to troubleshoot before calling tech support.

We begin by going over the dreaded question we all receive when we call support "did you try rebooting your system?" While this question is often met with eyerolls and annoyance rest assured that there is a reason this question is regularly asked. We go over why rebooting is so important and the difference between a hard and soft reboot in this episode.

We also talk about running Windows troubleshooter to see what may be causing your issue. You can find out more about running it in Windows 7 here and how to change your system password easily.

We also go over how updating your system can keep you from running in to system problems and why backing up your data is so important.

Thanks for joining us for episode 6. We'll be back in 2 weeks for our next episode. As always, we'd love to hear feedback in the comments.


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