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What will Windows 7 End of Life Mean for My Business?

Windows 7 "End of Life" date is quickly approaching. The official end of life date is January 14, 2020. "End of Life" means Microsoft will discontinue all support, including paid support, and all updated including security patches and updates.

What does "End of Life" mean?

"End of Life" is that date after which an application is no longer supported by the company that makes it. You can still use Windows 7 after it's "end of life" date but you are doing it essentially at your own risk. New viruses and malware are developed at rapid speeds in today's cybersecurity climate and without security updates to fight them off, you are leaving your systems and data in a vulnerable state.

Upgrading from Windows 7

Upgrading from Windows 7 to the new Windows 10 is the recommended course of action. Upgrading to Windows 10 will give you access to apps that can be used across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Windows 10 is faster than Windows 7 and includes many other benefits as well.

For more information on Windows 7 "End of Life" and updating to Windows 10 contact us today.


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