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At Mapletronics, your security is of top priority to us. We work hard to stay informed and on top of security news and threats and create resources for you to keep you and your employees safe.

Trust the security experts.


Security News

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Security Packages

At Mapletronics we know that protecting your business from the latest security threats can seem overwhelming at times. That's why we've compiled our most valued security solutions into convenient packages for your business.



Cybershield is a HAAS network security solution that can grow with your business so you won't need to invest in additional capital expenditures. We take care of everything.



We've put together a list of top resources to keep you informed and protected from threats. View them, share them, and use them to protect yourself/your employees.


Security Training

We know that security can be a daunting and overwhelming topic. We have created courses catered to teaching you / your employees how to safely and effectively navigate cyber security.


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