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User Billing Definitions

Generally speaking user billing will be based off licensed Microsoft 365 user list.  That being said there are situations where the Microsoft 365 licensed users is not reflective of the actual user list.   In those cases local Active Directory or another means will be used to determine the user list / count.  Regardless of how the list is generated the user definitions below are consistent no matter where the user list is pulled from. 

  • Named User - A "Named User" is a user that is either a specific person or a role tied to a specific person. There is a 1:1 relationship between the account and the user who accesses the account. These user accounts would be included in the GC / Guard E.N. user billing. Examples include Mary Smith, or

  • Shared User - A "Shared User" is an account where there is a many to 1 relationship. The people using the shared user account would not be named users. These types of accounts would be used in situations where you have a role where several people use the same machine to perform a function. Some examples of a shared account are shipping, receiving, kiosk, etc. These accounts would be included in the GC / Guard E.N. user billing.

  • Frontline User - A "Frontline User" is an account similar to a "Named User" where a specific person is tied to a single account.  However, a frontline user primarily works off a phone or a tablet to access email and files and does not use a standard workstation such as a laptop or desktop.  An example of a Frontline user is an employee who primarily works on a job site.

  • Service Account - A service account is an account that is setup for an application or system and are not used by a specific user. Examples of some service accounts are scanner (Multi-Function), CRM Email (Application that requires a mailbox to log in), ERP Email (Application that requires license mailbox to send), and others. These accounts would not be included in the GC / Guard E.N. user billing/

  • Resource Account - A resource account is a device that is used in a conference room or common area for the use of Named Users. These common devices would not be included in GC / Guard E.N user billing.

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