Mapletronics Training

No matter how small or large your investment in software and hardware, it's all for nothing if it doesn't deliver the promised improvements in productivity. No longer is it enough to have the latest and greatest computers, they also need to work for you, and you need to know how to best leverage them to make things as efficient as possible.


As important as the physical equipment is, understanding how to effectively use it is equally important. But all too often we fall into the trap of thinking that the new computer, server, or software will work wonders all on its own and assume technology investments will automatically improve personal productivity or provide a return on our investment.


Public Training Class Schedule

Public Training Investment Details

Full day classes are $226.40

1/2 day classes are $121.40

Windows 10 classes are $25

Outlook & Teams classes are $50

- all prices include manual and sales tax


Note: Lunch is provided for those in full day (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM) classes.


Let us Customize Training for Your Team

Providing computer training for your employees is incredibly valuable for not only you but also for the professional development of your employees.


No matter the training topic, our team will work with you to customize a class to meet the needs of your business or corporation. 


Check out our remote training options:

Did you know we offer a wide array of remote training options? Whether you aren't located close by our Goshen IN offices, or are looking for a class that's not on our in-house offerings list, or maybe you can't fit our traditional classes in your busy schedule. Whatever your reason, we have a remote class option for you. Some of our popular remote classes include:

Office 365, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Cybersecurity, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Project Management, VMware, Windows Server, Cisco, Citrix, Comptia and many more. 

Don't see what you're looking for?

We're happy to work with you to get you the specific training you are looking for. If you have suggestions on a topic you'd like to see added to our schedule or are looking for a specialized class just for you don't hesitate to let us know.