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11 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Outsourced IT Support

Updated: Feb 9

In 2023, the typical data breach incurred an unprecedented expense of $4.4 million for businesses. The transformation from routine business operations to a catastrophic event can occur within seconds, with a multitude of hackers constantly seeking to obtain sensitive information.


While a resilient in-house IT support team is the optimal solution for addressing such challenges, not everyone possesses the financial resources to employ internal IT professionals. Turning to external IT support services proves to be a dependable approach to safeguarding your company, and the process is more manageable than it may appear. Let's delve into 11 significant reasons why outsourcing your tech support is a prudent decision.

man looking and multiple monitors monitoring IT support


 1. Helpdesk Support

One of the key advantages of outsourcing to IT providers is gaining access to skilled professionals capable of promptly resolving errors and addressing issues. Depending on the level of help desk support offered, they can efficiently resolve issues either remotely or in person.


Engaging help desk support not only contributes to significant cost savings but also ensures the seamless continuity of your operations. The potential impact of downtime on a company is often underestimated. Consider a scenario where you pay a team of 10 individuals around $50/hour each.


For every hour they are unable to perform their tasks, the cost amounts to $500. If your company experiences a full workday of downtime (eight hours), the labor cost alone would be $4,000. This calculation does not even account for potential losses in sales or other opportunity costs.


As evident, such issues can accumulate rapidly, posing challenges for small businesses in managing these scenarios effectively.


2. Network Monitoring

Enlisting the support of a seasoned professional can assist you in proactively identifying and neutralizing threats before they escalate. Otherwise, you may find yourself responding to issues without adequate preparation.


This approach entails significant risk. Consider the scenario where your company unexpectedly falls victim to a ransomware attack, encrypting critical information. The hacker demands a $50,000 Bitcoin payment, threatening to delete all of your company's data. Collaborating with an IT professional could have allowed for the detection of suspicious activities and prompt intervention before the hacker could compromise your information. Ongoing monitoring also ensures the functionality of your backups.


3. Disaster Recovery

Even a solitary incident can pose significant challenges and may be hard or even impossible to bounce back from. Regrettably, preparing for every conceivable type of disaster is an impractical task. Moreover, even with preparation, some disasters may be unavoidable.


The day may come when you have to rely on your data backups to navigate through a contingency. Collaborating with a managed service provider ensures that you undertake the essential measures and aids in the creation of a thorough disaster recovery plan.


4. SaaS Management

The majority of businesses employ various forms of software as a service (SaaS), with Microsoft Office 365 being among the most prevalent.

These applications facilitate the oversight of crucial aspects within your company.


Key functions include user onboarding/offboarding, permissions management, and license management. Managing SaaS can be challenging, and complications may arise. Your IT professional plays a crucial role in addressing common issues, ensuring seamless operations. This, in turn, contributes to enhanced employee morale and improved revenue outcomes.


5. IT Reporting

Recognize the significance of analytics data, as it offers valuable insights into your company's IT performance. However, deciphering this information proves challenging for many individuals.


This is where outsourcing becomes invaluable. Engaging professionals ensures a comprehensive understanding of crucial metrics. They not only assist in enhancing overall customer service but also aid in proactive issue planning and resolution.


To elucidate, you can accentuate strategies that currently align with your requirements and modify those that don't. The importance of eliminating inefficiencies cannot be overstated.


6. Automation

Harnessing automation represents one of the most potent forms of business technology. It not only economizes time but also mitigates the risk of human error. However, integrating automation is not always a straightforward task.


Individuals may lack the knowledge of proper implementation and might overlook critical opportunities. Enlisting the expertise of a professional can address both of these challenges.


Professionals can pinpoint essential processes suitable for automation and guide you through the initial setup. Furthermore, over time, they can fine-tune the automation processes to enhance their effectiveness.


7. Hardware Support

One of the most challenging issues businesses face is malfunctioning hardware. While not a frequent occurrence, hardware-related IT problems can have severe consequences in certain situations.


In many cases, repairing broken hardware doesn't prove cost-effective, particularly for older devices. These devices are less likely to remain viable over time, as they often lack compatibility with newer operating systems and feature less powerful processors, resulting in slower performance compared to even entry-level modern machines. Nevertheless, if you're hesitant to upgrade, an IT professional can assist you in repairing your hardware.


Attempting DIY repairs is not advisable, as it requires specialized tools and expertise for effective resolution.

8. Network Security

In the absence of adequate network security measures, the risk of falling prey to cyberattacks becomes imminent. The frequency of such attacks has been on the rise in recent years, showing no signs of abating.


Hackers continually refine their methods to breach system defenses, necessitating a proactive stance to safeguard your data. Engaging a professional provides access to cutting-edge tools and software. This not only allows you to bypass the expense of purchasing them independently but also alleviates concerns about training your team. In most cases, this results in substantial savings of both time and money.


While network security is crucial for companies of all sizes, it's a common misconception among small businesses that they are not significant targets for cyberattacks. In reality, cybercriminals often target smaller companies, recognizing their potentially lower investment in security measures. Outsourcing your IT needs ensures that your business remains as protected as possible.


9. Vendor Management

The significance of vendor management is often underestimated by many companies. Certain situations necessitate collaboration with vendors, particularly for coordinating replacements or repairs, such as with phone systems, copiers, and specific software solutions. IT providers can efficiently handle vendor management on your behalf.


Outsourcing this responsibility ensures that you are relieved from the complexities of reaching out to vendors and scheduling service. Additionally, it is unlikely that your company has an individual with the technical expertise required for these tasks, making outsourcing to a professional a more practical choice.


Consider the substantial time savings that result from such outsourcing. Keeping this in mind will guide you in making informed decisions moving forward.


10. Cloud Computing

The majority of companies utilize cloud computing to varying extents, often employing remote data storage solutions. Your IT provider plays a pivotal role in identifying an appropriate cloud partner and facilitating the migration process to their service.


Furthermore, they can assist you in fully capitalizing on the offerings provided by the chosen cloud provider. Migration represents one of the most compelling benefits of collaborating with an IT professional. Attempting to navigate this process independently can prove arduous and time-consuming, particularly for companies managing substantial volumes of data, which can sometimes reach several hundred terabytes.


11. Account Management

Engaging managed IT services simplifies your communication, primarily with an account manager. This expedites support delivery and spares you from delving into the technical jargon associated with your issues.


Respected IT firms take a proactive approach to monitor your company's status. This enables them to promptly address any issues with your IT service. For instance, your account manager might identify a lapse in a scheduled security audit. Resolving such situations can significantly enhance overall operations and boost employee morale.


Finding the Right Provider for Your Business


When seeking an IT professional, it is crucial to explore online feedback about their services. Were clients generally satisfied? Were there recurring issues reported by multiple users?


Gathering answers to such questions will streamline your search. Additionally, consider their pricing structure. Providers with exceptionally low prices may not meet your requirements. Inquire about their experience with businesses similar to yours, as opting for the cheapest provider might result in insufficient understanding of your company's specific nuances.


Evaluate their customer support policy. Accessibility and prompt assistance during issues are paramount. Avoid providers that make it challenging to contact them, as tackling problems independently can disrupt your operations and complicate other responsibilities.


MapleTronics Can Help

Entrusting your IT support to MapleTronics is a top-notch strategy for ensuring the security of your data and sidestepping potential challenges like prolonged downtime. Thoroughly research professionals to pinpoint the right fit for your specific needs.


MapleTronics is dedicated to delivering superior IT solutions to our clients. Our team is committed to surpassing expectations and minimizing your stress throughout the entire process. Schedule a consultation today to delve deeper into the comprehensive offerings we provide.


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