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Why Nonprofits Should Consider Outsourcing IT

Being among the 1.7 million active nonprofits in the U.S., you're more than likely well aware of the crucial role effective IT solutions play in optimizing your daily operations. With your unique IT requirements and financial constraints, it's important to find solutions that align with your organization's mission. While managed IT services are often associated with the corporate realm, the rising demand for nonprofit IT support has prompted managed service providers to extend their offerings.


Recognizing the potential impact of managed services on your nonprofit can empower you to make informed decisions that not only reduce costs but also foster donor confidence, enabling you to concentrate on effecting positive change.

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What are Managed IT Services for Nonprofits?

Managed IT services entail the outsourcing of information technology services to a professional managed services provider (MSP). These providers offer expert IT support to organizations, aiming to cut costs, enhance quality, and liberate internal teams to focus on tasks tailored to their objectives.


For nonprofits, managed services possess nuances compared to their for-profit counterparts. While the core principle remains consistent, there exist specialized software and IT solutions tailored specifically for nonprofits. Nonprofits, like their for-profit counterparts, encounter IT considerations and challenges critical for smooth operations and effective outreach. With that said, nonprofit IT support stands out for several reasons, including:

  1. Purpose-driven emphasis: Nonprofits prioritize service-focused endeavors, significantly impacting their technology choices. Partnering with an MSP attuned to this ethos ensures tailored services aligned with the nonprofit's mission.

  2. Diverse stakeholder needs: Nonprofits cater to varied stakeholders such as donors, community members, constituents, and boards, necessitating sophisticated organizational functions to address their diverse requirements.

  3. Compliance intricacies: Nonprofits must adhere to specific compliance regulations, ranging from healthcare privacy to identity protection. MSPs catering to nonprofits must grasp these requirements to maintain a compliant IT infrastructure.

  4. Budget constraints: Nonprofits often face budget limitations, necessitating careful allocation of funds between program activities and administrative needs. MSPs must appreciate this balance to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising efficiency.

  5. Specialized technology reliance: Many nonprofits rely on specialized technology, demanding MSPs with expertise in implementing and maintaining these programs to ensure smooth operations.


What Benefits do Managed IT Services provide for Nonprofits?

White some nonprofits choose to manage their IT internally, partnering with an MSP has significant benefits including the following:


Time Saving

Internal IT teams frequently face substantial time limitations. As your nonprofit expands and evolves, it becomes essential to address every aspect of your IT infrastructure, encompassing technical support, cybersecurity concerns, and various other factors. Collaborating with an MSP alleviates this burden by delegating these responsibilities to experts. MSPs streamline your system setup, ensuring seamless functionality, thereby enabling your internal teams to dedicate their energies to advancing your mission and core values, focusing on pivotal tasks.


Scaling Capabilities

The IT requirements of your nonprofit often fluctuate over the course of the year. During significant drives or events, you may necessitate more specialized IT services, while at other times, your needs might be less intricate. Managed IT services provide the flexibility to sustain operations at a consistent level of quality, accommodating fluctuating demands seamlessly.


Access to 24/7 Support and Expertise

A reputable MSP ensures continuous support for your endeavors, offering your employees, donors, and supporters immediate assistance whenever it's needed most.


Predictable Pricing

Effectively managing expenses is essential for running a nonprofit. Numerous MSPs provide a flat monthly rate for their services, offering predictability in costs. Framework IT's Evolution Framework goes beyond by offering a comprehensive consultation tailored to align your requirements with your budgetary constraints.


Cybersecurity Expertise

Ensuring the security of stakeholder data is paramount for all organizations. As a nonprofit, safeguarding information pertaining to your organization, donors, and project participants is crucial. With cyber attacks on the rise annually, the consequences of a breach can erode the trust placed in your nonprofit by stakeholders.


Engaging an MSP enhances cybersecurity across your infrastructure. With round-the-clock availability, they swiftly address emerging threats in real-time, bolstering your defense mechanisms effectively.


Cost Savings

Collaborating with an MSP enables your nonprofit to minimize expenses associated with IT employee salaries and benefits, IT training expenditures, and the overhead costs of procuring essential hardware. These cost reductions render managed services a more economical choice compared to maintaining in-house IT departments for many nonprofits. Curious how much managed IT could save you? Get an estimate for services here.


Compliance Maintenance

With the appropriate MSP, you can rest assured that your IT systems adhere to pertinent regulations, ensuring compliance without the associated stress and hassle.


When to Consider Partnering with a Managed IT Service

Recognizing the opportune moment to engage IT support is pivotal for nonprofits. It's crucial to leverage the advantages rather than merely incurring additional costs. When contemplating whether it's appropriate to seek assistance, consider whether your nonprofit encounters significant IT challenges.


As your nonprofit expands, its requirements evolve, potentially reaching a juncture where managing IT becomes overly burdensome and intricate. If troubleshooting consumes more time than proactive planning, it might signal the need for MSP support. Even if you're satisfied with your internal IT team, be mindful of potential shortcomings, as partnering with an MSP can complement their commendable efforts.


How to Pick the Best MSP for your NonProfit

Choosing the right MSP is crucial for meeting the unique IT support needs of your nonprofit. With numerous options available, it's essential to consider various factors when selecting a trustworthy partner.

Here are some key points to keep in mind during your evaluation:

  1. Nonprofit experience: Partnering with an MSP that has a track record of working with nonprofit organizations can be highly beneficial. Inquire about their experience with other nonprofits to gauge their understanding of your sector's specific requirements.

  2. Pricing: Given the budgetary constraints faced by nonprofits, it's crucial to collaborate with a provider that offers transparent pricing tailored to your needs and financial limitations. Look for a provider that delivers genuine value without hidden fees, as relying solely on in-house IT support or reallocating IT tasks to existing team members can incur significant expenses.

  3. Proactivity and responsiveness: Your MSP should demonstrate consistent and prompt support, regardless of your organization's needs. Assess their response times and determine whether they align with your expectations and operational requirements.

  4. Reputation: Seek recommendations from similar organizations within your sector to identify reputable MSPs. Gather feedback regarding the quality of service provided and inquire about references and testimonials available online.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and partner with an MSP that meets your nonprofit's IT support needs effectively.



Partner with MapleTronics for your Managed Service Solutions

You need an IT partner that comprehends your mission, values, and IT support requirements. Choose MapleTronics to eliminate the guesswork from outsourced IT. We specialize in catering to the unique needs of nonprofits, offering an approach and pricing structure tailored to deliver optimal value.


MapleTronics provides managed IT services aimed at streamlining your workflow, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities. Our team of experts is available around the clock to assist you with any challenges you may encounter. Don't hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation, where we can discuss your nonprofit's needs and initiate the process of enhancing your IT support today.


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