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How Hackable is Your Password?

Just think about all of the personal information you store and use on an electronic device & on the web. Now imagine a hacker having access to all of that. When you don't take the time to create complex passwords/phrases you making yourself and your accounts vulnerable for a situation where your private information could be stolen. It may seem inconvenient to practice safe password policy but when your personal and private information is at stake it's worth it! 

With your personal information at stake, creating a strong password is vital. Here are some tips to help keep your accounts secure. 

  • Use 10 or more characters

  • Use different iterations of your password for different accounts

  • Use a PassPHRASE instead of a password

  • Change up important passwords such as (email & banking) every 90 days and all other passwords (such as social media, shopping store accounts etc.) every 6 months.

  • Use a number, uppercase character, and symbol


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