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Manufacturing Company Hardens Security Settings after Spoofed Emails Discovery

Client's Industry: Manufacturing

Client's Company Size: 40-50 Users

Mapletronics Services Provided: Get Covered, Office 365, TorQ41, Cybershield

Mapletronics was alerted that users had been receiving suspicious emails. A support ticket was submitted to our Get Covered Help Desk and our team dug into the source for the emails. The Mapletronics team was quickly was able to determine that emails which looked like they were from an executive in the company were being spoofed, and sent to internal teammates. The NOC alerted users of the spoofing and began immediately educating users on how to spot and avoid phishing emails.

After discovery of the emails, Mapletronics advised the company on hardening security measures to keep this from happening in the future. This led to MapleTronics educating end users through our Phishing Testing as well as working with the client to increase security by enabling Office 365 with Advanced Threat Protection and Multi-Factor Authentication.

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