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Mapletronics Announces New Office 365 Training Class

Mapletronics is excited to announce their new Office 365 Training Offering. Whether you are a brand new Office 365 user or have been using it since it's inception in 2013, this class is a great way to learn tips & tricks to get you using Office 365 as productively as possible. Here is an outline for what the class will include:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office 365

  • Sign In to Office 365

  • Navigate the Office 365 Environment

Lesson 2: Collaborating with Shared Files

  • Work with Shared Documents in SharePoint

  • Edit Documents in Office Online

  • Collaborate on the SharePoint Site

  • Work with OneDrive for Business and Delve

Lesson 3: Using Productivity Apps

  • Work with Productivity Apps in Combination

  • Broadcast Messages with Yammer

  • Manage Tasks with the Planner App

Lesson 4: Using Outlook on the Web

  • Send and Receive Email

  • Manage Contacts

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Personalize Outlook on the Web

Lesson 5: Collaborating with Teams

  • Overview of Microsoft Teams

  • Converse and Share in Teams

  • Call and Meet in Teams

  • Collaborate with Office 365 Apps and Teams

Lesson 6: Configuring Teams

  • Configure Teams

  • Configure Channels

  • Configure Tabs

Appendix A: Interacting with Mobile Devices

Sign up for our new training class now here.


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