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MapleTronics releases Guard E.N. 2022

GOSHEN, Ind., May 18, 2022 - On Monday May 16, MapleTronics Inc. announced the 2022 version of their line of managed cybersecurity solutions: "Guard E.N. Security." Guard E.N. Security is an innovative approach to protecting organizations from the devastating effects of a data breach.

Since 1992, MapleTronics has been dedicated to providing technology solutions to the communities it serves. In recent years, managed cybersecurity has become a main focus for MapleTronics as the company works to protect organizations from ever-evolving and growing cyber threats.


MapleTronics Chief Security Officer Kevin Jaberg regards GUARD E.N. Security as "Security that makes sense." GUARD E.N. Security features a new approach to addressing the cybersecurity concerns and needs of organizations no matter their size and industry. MapleTronics knows and understands that protecting an organization's data can often be an overwhelming task with new threats surfacing almost weekly. The company is confident that GUARD E.N. Security's self-guided "security maturity model" will help organizations make informed choices when investing in cybersecurity.


"If you aren't continually adapting, you are falling behind", according to MapleTronics Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Herschberger. That mindset is what keeps the entire team at MapleTronics focused on revamping and expanding their line of Guard E.N. security services every year. "Our clients rely on us to be the experts and take care of what's next, we look at the 2022 release of GUARD E.N. as another step towards the goal of providing not only stability for our clients but security as well. "

Find more information about GUARD E.N. Security at

About MapleTronics

MapleTronics is a full-service IT planning, managed services, and managed cybersecurity company with offices in Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. Since 1992, MapleTronics has been serving its mission to empower others to fulfill their mission. Today, MapleTronics serves hundreds of clients from large manufacturing companies and healthcare organizations to single-employee business owners. Our solutions focus on four main areas: business continuity, security, stability, and support.


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