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Protect Your Home Computer with these Security Tips

Mapletronics is dedicated to not only helping you when problems arise but also helping prevent problems by suggesting ways in which you can actively mitigate the probability of infections. NO anti-virus software provides 100% protection as new viruses are being created all the time. The following list gives you some ways to help protect your system. Please call us if you have a question about whether a specific action will put your computer at risk.

  1. Do not open any unsolicited emails.

  2. Do not download any updates unless you are 100% sure they are authentic. (Your windows operating system should be set to automatically update, you should not need to update it manually.)

  3. Do not power down your computer while your Windows operating system is updating.

  4. If you need to update, go to software developer’s web site to download updates. (the name of the developer must precede the . before the com. Example: not

  5. Do not under any circumstances let someone who calls you remote into your computer.

  6. Do not download anything from a site that you don’t know you can trust.

  7. Do not click on pop-up ads.

  8. Run MalwareBytes scans at least twice a month.

  9. When searching for support for specific software be sure you are contacting the software developer not third party support, again (the name of the developer must have the . before the com. Example: not

  10. Change account passwords at least 3 times a year.


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