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Setting Security Policies & Procedures to Proactively Protect Your Organization - Securing Our House

All year we have been discussing how we're prioritizing security at Mapletronics in our ongoing "Securing Our House" series. While most of our previous posts have been about applications and software that we have been using to increase our security, we have also focussed on policies and procedures to increase our internal security preparedness.

Watch our latest webinar on demand where we discuss our policies procedures and more. Watch here.

Below we have broken down how we are setting internal policies to help combat cybercrime and prepare us as best as possible if we were to get breached. Some policies we've established to increase our security at Mapletronics include:

  • Teammate Security Awareness Policy

    • Regular phishing testing to see how well educated our users are

    • Following up with regular training to educate users where there are weak points

    • Looking at the data gathered from our testing and education to see if we need to do any additional work to educate our users and help prevent a data breach internally.

    • Learn more about how we're using internal phishing testing here.

  • Cyber Incident Response Procedure

    • While we all hope to not be breached, as cybercriminals become more and more advanced and things change every day we must prepare for the idea that it's not a matter of if we were to get breached, but when.

    • We have worked through our internal plan for what we will do when we have a cyber security incident of any size from a small breach with minimal impact to a bigger breach with the potential to cause more issues.

  • Third Party Security Audit Policy

    • Knowing that all organizations have blind spots in their own internal security policies and procedures we have made plans to implement a new policy where we have another security company come in and audit all of our systems.

    • Referred to as a penetration test, they are skilled in ethical hacking and will try to breach our systems to see where vulnerabilities may be and seeing what we can do to better prepare ourselves for a cyber incident.

While cybersecurity incidents continue to be a growing concern for organizations of all sizes, it is imperative that your organization begins to take steps to mitigate your risks and prepare for a potential breach. We broke down how we're stepping up our internal security at Mapletronics in our latest webinar. You can watch the webinar anytime on demand here:


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