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Teams vs. Zoom? Which collaboration tool is right for my Organization?

As many workforces are shifting to more remote work, businesses are taking advantage of platforms to help their team stay connected, collaborate, and video chat. Two of the most popular options for these solutions are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Both have a place in the workplace and bring different strengths to the table. In fact some organizations find that utilizing both of the services works best for their team. We have compiled some of the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms to help inform your decision in which choice is the right choice for your organizations needs.

Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams includes robust chat services that allows quick communication without the need to set up a conference call. Teams also syncs with Office 365 which makes collaboration easy by allowing file sharing and calendar support. If your organization is already using the Microsoft Office application, Teams seamlessly fits into the portfolio of applications. Teams is focused primarily on perfecting internal communication and makes collaboration on projects easy. Teams allows channel and Teams set up and collaboration to customize each grouping to your organizations needs and creates a great set up for internal communication.

Key Features:

  • Full integration with Office 365

  • Video conferencing with background blur

  • Excellent audio with in-line transcription

  • File and screen sharing

  • Instant messaging one-to-one in groups

  • Fully searchable conversational channels

  • Access from all devices

  • End-to-end security

  • Endless bots for integrating extra functionality

  • Tabs to make finding information easy

  • Recording

  • Teams and Channel set up for easy collaboration

Zoom Overview

Zoom is not as focused on internal collaboration and is more focused on video and audio conferencing. Zoom makes conference calls easy to set up and join and makes the process seamless for those that are not apart of the organization as well as internal teammates. Zoom also provides features such as multiple screen sharing to support web-based presentations and boasts high-quality video and audio. Zoom features many ways to customize your video conference session including green screen backgrounds, white board presentations, and hand raises.

Key Features

  • HD Video and Audio

  • Support to up to 1,000 video participants

  • Up to 49 videos on screen

  • End-to-end encryption for all meetings

  • Streamlined calendaring with integrations to Outlook and Gmail

  • Role-based security

  • Screen sharing and co-annotation

  • Recording and transcription

  • Team chat with groups

  • Searchable history

  • Limited file sharing

Microsoft Teams Limitations

The utility of Teams is lost slightly if your business is not using Microsoft's suite of office software. Teams also lacks many third-party integrations and doesn't have all of the advanced conferencing features of zoom like multiple screen share and the ability to hand-raise and see a large amount of users on the screen at one time.

Zoom Limitations

While Zoom has powerful web conferencing features it is lacking in collaboration features. Zoom does not include a robust chat or file sharing platform like Teams. Zoom also has experienced some performance issues when it comes to international conferences. The free option for Zoom also has a 40 minute time limit for group conferences.

Which is right for your organization?

As mentioned above, the right choice for your organization depends on what you need out of your software. While both Teams and Zoom allow for videoconferencing, they offer a different set of solutions.

If your organization is looking for robust videoconferencing and large meeting sizes including a lot of attendees from outside of your organizations, Zoom may be the best fit.

If your organization is looking for a seamless way to collaborate, chat and share Office 365 files Teams is probably the best solution. It may be that your organization needs a combination of both solutions to meet all of your needs.

Resources for Teams & Zoom

Looking to set up and learn how to use Teams to its full potential? Join us for a Remote 2 hour training session where you will learn the ins and outs of the program and how you can use it to its full potential within your organization. More information here.

We have compiled some free Zoom resources to help you get set up and use Zoom to its full potential. If you need hands on consulting in Zoom we can help with that too. View the free resources here. Set up consultation here.

Security Concerns

Videoconferencing security concerns have been headline news lately. Learn how to modify settings to be sure you are being mindful of security here.


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