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The Benefits of Employee IT Training for Businesses

When it comes to managing employees, career and personal development should be at the forefront of your mind. Recent studies have proven that happier employees create well functioning work environments and one way to promote employee happiness is to provide IT training that relieves frustrations and furthers employees capabilities.

There are many benefits to providing IT training for employees including benefits for the employees, benefits for the business, and a quick return on investment. We're breaking down some of the benefits below.

IT Training Benefits Employees:

  • Job Satisfaction - as mentioned earlier, happy employees have a major effect on the overall operation of a business. IT training can help take away some of the frustration of using a computer / certain software by teaching employees how to properly use these tools and learning tips and tricks to help save time. Employees who know the best ways to use programs and software that they use often, will often feel a greater sense of job satisfaction.

  • Career Advancement - for many employees the ultimate goal is to move up in their field and progress as they spend time with a company. Providing important IT training can help employees improve at their current role as well as providing important tools and expertise required for them to move up within your company. Properly trained employees are more likely to go after internal promotions as they feel a greater sense of job confidence.

  • A sense of being valued - providing IT training for employees can help to make them feel valued and that you care about their overall experience at your company. Sometimes employees may feel that they have too much on their plate and may feel overwhelmed by the ins and outs of their jobs. Providing IT training can help them feel valued and that you are interested in their wellbeing and making sure they have all of the knowledge they need to do their job productively.

IT Training Benefits Businesses:

  • Productivity - Many executives are looking to increase productivity within their organization. IT training can do just that by providing employees important insight and tips & tricks that will save them time every day. Instead of spending time frustrated with programs/software that they may not understand, employees will know how to operate in an efficient matter and will know the tips and tricks that can save them, and ultimately the company, time.

  • Time Management - In a similar vane as productivity, IT training can save valuable time within your organization. Employees who do not understand the programs/software they are using may be taking valuable time from coworkers/ more senior staff members, by asking for help. You then end up with 2 employees working on a job that 1 employee should know how to do, which in turn wastes time and resources within your company.

  • Employees who Stay - In a world where it is very easy for employees to jump ship and find other opportunities, keeping valuable employees is more important than ever. By providing IT training that makes employees feel valued and confident in their position at your company, they are more likely to want to stick around. The expense of IT training can quickly be offset by the savings your company will have from spending time hiring and training new employees when current employees leave.

Providing IT training for your employees has great value for both employees and businesses overall. At Mapletronics we pride ourselves in providing exceptional training in a plethora of different topics / platforms. Whether you are local to the area and looking for training at our Goshen, IN location, are a business looking to train groups of employee with customized training, or you are located outside of the region and want remote training, we have many options that will work for you. To find out more about the IT training Mapletronics provides visit: You can also reach out to us at for more information.

Listen to our latest podcast on IT training here.


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