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Using the 2022 Security Maturity Model

On May 16, 2022 we announced the release of our newly updated security managed services suite "Guard E.N. Security". First launched in May of 2021, Guard E.N. is our fully managed line of security services that helps organizations stay better protected from security threats as well as compliant with their cyber insurance providers. Over the past year Guard E.N. has continually helped keep our clients protected and proactive on their security needs.

As security continues to be a rapidly growing and changing landscape we remain committed to give our clients the most expansive and up-to-date suite of security tools and services on the market. We are focused on releasing an updated version of our Guard E.N. Security services every year as the market continues to change dramatically.

With the release of Guard E.N. we released our Security Maturity Model: a brand new tool to help organizations better discover what security policies and services they need to best meet their maturity needs. We are excited to be releasing an updated version of our Security Maturity Model to go with our updated suite of services.

What is a Security Maturity Model?

When we began creating our Guard E.N. Security services we sat down and discussed the roadblocks that were keeping organizations from realizing the importance and taking action to secure their business as best as possible. A major roadblock we discovered was that while many organizations have been hearing about how they need to start employing services and standards to better protect them, they are unsure of where to start and confused by the overwhelming amount of information and services available.

With this in mind we created our Security Maturity Model. Our Security Maturity Model takes you through a self-guided discovery process where you are asked to decide your organizations ownership mentality and business strategy.

After that decision is made the other side of the model shows you what services and standards we recommend to meet your maturity desire. The best part is our Guard E.N. security suite will meet you directly where you need to be and offer you a fully managed suite of services to mature your security to the needed level.

Want to check out the model for yourself? You can download a copy here and use an interactive version of the model here.

What's New in the 2022 Security Maturity Model?

While we made a few noticeable changes to the overall design of the model, you'll notice it has the same look and feel. The front side continues to ask for your ownership mentality and business strategy with no big changes.

The back side is where the magic happened this year. As mentioned earlier we added many new standards and services and did some rearranging of our recommendations from 2021. We are thrilled to be offering a lineup of new services on the model including:

  • Active Directory Hardening

  • Advanced DLP

  • Zero Trust Controls

  • Vulnerability Scans and Remediation

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Next Gen Antivirus

  • Incident Response Planning

Check out our new security maturity model here or see more about Guard E.N. and our 2022 update here.


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