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Kaseya Inc. Reports Largest Global Cyber Attack on Record

On Friday, July 2 Kaseya Inc., an IT solutions developer for MSPs and enterprise clients, announced that it had become the victim of a cyberattack. The attack was claimed to be executed by REvil cybergang and infected 1 million systems tied to Kaseya services. Hackers are demanding $70 million in bitcoin in exchange for a decryption key. This attack is considered the single largest global ransomware attack on record. It affected thousands of companies in a multitude of industries.

MapleTronics does not have any clients affected by this hack and do not use Kaseya products to manage our clients' networks.

This cyberattack serves as a reminder of the importance of a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy. When you entrust your network and data with MapleTronics as a managed client we take the responsibility very seriously. We are continually working to provide the most thorough cybersecurity solutions for our clients while also focusing on strengthening our own internal network to avoid disruptions or cyberattacks.

Our new line of managed security solutions "GUARD E.N. Security" provides a full-array of solutions based on your organizations unique needs. Using our security maturity model, GUARD E.N. security aims to make understanding your needs and matching them with focused solutions easy and intuitive. For more information about GUARD E.N. and how you can begin protecting your organization today visit:


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