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Should I Store My File on OneDrive or SharePoint?

When it comes to file saving and storage, those of you using Microsoft 365 are lucky to have a few different options. While the options are great, you may run into situations where you're not sure which option is best and need to know the appropriate place to save something or where to tell your team to save something. Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to use 2 tools: Sharepoint and OneDrive to help save and back up your files, but when do you use which tool?

As a general rule of thumb - if you're working on a file by yourself save it to OneDrive. Your files are private on OneDrive unless you choose to share them with others.

If you're already working on the file or project as a team - in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or Outlook - you should save your files where your team works, because OneDrive connects you to all of your shared libraries too.

OneDrive vs. SharePoint - What's the Difference?

OneDrive is the files experience for Microsoft 365 which gives you access to all of your work files, including the files that people share with you directly or through the teams you're working on. OneDrive provides a consistent files experience across all of your devices including web, mobile, and the desktop of your computer. OneDrive is ideal for the individual employee. It is best viewed as a tool that employees can leverage for their private first drafts as well as projects that haven't developed enough to call for cohesive collaboration.

OneDrive allows users to sign into personal OneDrive accounts and remain in control of the files that they create and upload at all times. The individual user decides and designates who can view, edit, and comment on their files based on the permission level they set when sharing the document. Without an invitation no other member of the team can see an individual's files.

SharePoint should be thought of as a team site. Once an employee is ready to share their personal draft of a project or file they can upload that file from OneDrive to SharePoint. Teams can access files in SharePoint based on the admin's predetermined permission settings.

SharePoint offers a robust project management platform. Companies can build their own branded pages managed by an admin. Admins can create unique team sites that anyone on the team can access – users don't have personal interfaces. Files that are uploaded and saved to the SharePoint site inherit the permission level the admin has defined. This creates a space where multiple teammates can engage with a document without having to ask for a link granting permission.

Have more questions about using SharePoint or OneDrive for file storage or any other Microsoft 365 questions? We have experts here at Mapletronics who would be happy to consult with you about your options and how to implement them. Schedule a free consultation now.


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