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Do You Have the Right IT Partner?

Have you ever imagined having a business relationship where a vendor actively helps your organization grow, but haven’t yet experienced it?


You might be looking for a partnership but end up with a supplier. A supplier simply sells you a product or service and often their involvement ends there unless there’s an issue.

In contrast, a true partnership with a vendor can be incredibly beneficial – but like any important relationship, it's crucial to choose the right partner. This is especially significant when it comes to IT vendors.


Even if you have an in-house IT team, partnering with the right IT vendor can make your team less stressed, more productive, and more strategic.

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Here are some ways to recognize the right IT vendor partner.

They Were Referred to You By a Trusted Business

The best business relationships often begin with a recommendation from a trusted colleague or peer who understands your organization. You might share a challenge you’re facing, and they recall a similar experience, suggesting a vendor who helped them. Such referrals can give new relationships a head start, as the referrer knows both parties and can identify a good match.


They're Interested in your Business and Ask Regularly about Growth Plans

Interest in your business' future points to the difference between a supplier and a partner. It's like comparing a car repair shop to a trusted mechanic. The repair shop will fix your car and hand you a bill. In contrast, the mechanic will fix your car, inform you that your brakes might need replacing soon, or advise whether a repair is worthwhile given your car’s condition.


A partner considers the long-term goals of your business and helps you anticipate future needs.


They Have Worked to Earn Your Trust

A vendor who provides helpful, relevant advice is a valuable partner. You can trust them to offer the best guidance, even if it doesn't directly benefit their bottom line. On the other hand, a vendor who consistently redirects you to their products is likely more interested in their own gain than in truly supporting your business.


You Feel Confident that They Have Your Back

Is getting support taking forever? Are you still facing persistent issues due to inadequate solutions? Are you worried that your vendor isn't helping you meet regulatory IT requirements? These could be signs that your vendor has shifted priorities, lacks the capacity to support you properly, or doesn't have the necessary expertise to provide the right solutions.


They Understand Your IT Compliance Requirements

Whether you are in a regulated industry yourself or have regulated clients, you must meet data compliance standards for your use, storage, transmission, and destruction of data. A quick way to tell if your vendor understands this is whether they have a SOC II Type 2 attestation, which indicates they follow best practices for data security in their own work and assets.


You Feel Confident to for Guidance When You are Planning a Major Initiative

When your team identifies and plans new initiatives, you’ll need advice on the technology aspects. Do you instinctively reach out to your IT vendor for their input, or do you feel the need to consult an outside expert?


A vendor’s business expertise can be invaluable, extending far beyond simply recommending equipment and software options.


They Prioritize Securing Your Data

Finally, a true IT partner ensures your data remains secure, systems are updated, data is backed up, and everything complies with regulatory requirements. A mere vendor might sell you a security solution but won’t stay engaged. Cybersecurity requires continuous attention to maintain strong protection as your business evolves. A “set it and forget it” approach can lead to regulatory fines or data breaches. You need a partner who proactively manages your security and compliance by assessing risks at least annually.

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In today's world, data and technology are vital business elements, making it essential to secure a great IT partner. A managed IT services provider like MapleTronics can be an excellent choice when seeking an external IT vendor. They focus on partnering with clients to meet all their IT needs.


A managed IT services provider can either serve as your IT team or add needed depth to your existing IT resources. Learn more by contacting us today!


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