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Catch Up on What You Missed at Our Technology Conference

On September 19, 2019 Mapletronics hosted their first Technology Conference at their Goshen, IN office location with live-streaming available for those unable to attend on site. If you were unable to attend the event, we have good news for you. The livestream videos are available for you to watch in full at your convenience.

Watch Part 1

Part 1 features the following Key Notes:

- Road-Mapping Your Digital Transformation: A documented strategic plan for your organization's digital transformation is critical to its success, but creating such a plan is difficult, and what should that plan look like? Find out how to align your organization's goals, processes and stakeholders; group & prioritize themes for real digital transformation and create a tactical, quarter-by-quarter roadmap you can use to socialize and execute your strategy.

- Improving Cybersecurity by Optimizing Human Performance and Judgement: Security breaches can pose great threats to a business. Some breaches render minor effects while others can cause financial liabilities and business disruptions. Learn how human error and process failures account for the majority of breaches and steps you can take to effectively employ an overall strategy to reduce your exposure to breaches.

Watch Part 2

Part 2 Includes the Following Key Notes:

- Pushing Digital Transformation to the Edge: Digital transformation is typically a top-down strategy that is guided by the CIO. However, while most strategies address large, organization-wide processes, there are hundreds of long-tail business processes that remain in the shadows. Learn how rapid-fire innovations (cloud, mobile and analytics), heavy customization and complexity can dramatically influence the disruption impact when these long-tail business processes get exposed. 

- Boosting Team Effectiveness in High-Stress Environments: How can a fast-paced organization quickly prioritize and triage issues in today's rapid culture? How does a company ensure timely data is being shared to not only the right people but then also empower those to collaborate and take action in real time? How can a group work on multiple complex projects efficiently all while making sure information is accurate? Learn to leverage your digital workplace platform to create a culture of agility, greater transparency and individual empowerment that leads to a high performing team and increased productivity.

Download the slides from the event here.

To those who were able to join us for this special event. Thank you for your participation. We hope you found value in your time at our conference.


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