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Securing Our House: How Phishing Testing is Decreasing our Chances of Being a Victim of Cyber Crime

Phishing Testing for 3 Months Has Taken Our Phishing Prone Percentage from 14.3% to 4.5%

Due to the ever-growing cybersecurity concerns for businesses of all sizes, Mapletronics is has been focusing many of our internal efforts on "Securing Our House" in 2020. This means we are internally working on policies and plans for how to protect our business and ensuring we are doing all that we can to reduce our risk of a security breach.

One way with which we have focused on securing our house is by enabling phishing testing on all of our users. Phishing continues to be a main way that cybercriminals target businesses, in fact a November 2019 study found that 91% of cyberattacks begin with a spear phishing email. (More info about phishing found here).

Our main goal with phishing testing is to gauge how well our user's can identify a phishing email and to use the data to educate our users and improve our internal security awareness to reduce the risk of a user falling for a phishing scheme.

Since beginning using phishing testing software on our users, we have noticed a significant improvement in our user awareness. In fact, from January to March 2020 we went from a 14.3% phish-prone percentage to a 4.5% phish-prone percentage. As you can see from the data below, employing regular phishing testing on our users and educating through security awareness training has greatly impacted our security awareness and greatly reduced the likelihood that a user will click on a phishing email in the future.

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

Phish Your Users

Want to being phishing testing on your users? Our phishing testing software includes both sending out regular phishing test emails to your users as well as responding with regular security awareness training and reporting to you on how your organization can improve your phishing awareness. More information on how phishing testing works here. Contact your security experts at Mapletronics to begin phishing testing and security awareness education today.


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