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What Was New in Office 365 in September 2019?

What's new with Microsoft 365 in September? Here are some highlights:

Dark Mode - now available on Office 365 Mobile and Dark mode offers users the choice to change appearance of your app to use a darker color palette. It offers an inverted color system perfect for low light settings that can be easier on your eyes and reduce eye strain. For mobile users it also significantly saves battery life. To activate dark mode in

  • find profile picture upper right

  • click the setting icon

  • toggle on/off dark mode

To turn dark mode on using your mobile device:

  • open left navigation pane

  • click the settings icon

  • scroll all the way down to preferences

  • toggle on/off dark mode

Microsoft To Do Updates: To do has a new design now offering more customization options with a wide range of background and configuration options including a new dark mode. A unique features added includes a smart daily planner called my day which uses smart suggestions to help give you suggestions on what to do in any given day.

To-do also syncs across all platforms on all devices (including both android and iOS). It can see all tasks in one centralized view (flagged emails, planner tasks, etc.). To being using To Do download the Microsoft to do app on any device.

Link to slides: Powerpoint for the web now allows users the option to share presentations by linking directly to a specific slide that you want to reference. To use this new option:

  • Right click on the slide thumbnail that'd you like to share

  • select link to slide

  • copy link

  • share link to others

Powerpoint Presenter Coach: Presenter coach uses the power of AI to give you real time on- screen feedback to help your presentation skills. Use this new feature to practice your presentation and get professional feedback while practicing. To use Presenter Coach:

  • Select slideshow

  • Select rehearse with coach

Yammer Mobile: Yammer mobile has a few design updates this month to improve the user's experience including:

  • new card based design to sharpen content

  • easy to read formatting and styling.

  • Link previews and in line videos so you don't have to leave the feed

To see these new updates, update your app.

Intune Support - Now available for business accounts using android devices. IT admins can now make sure security and admin settings will take effect on all business users accounts. For end users it will be easier to log in with one touch and rest assured that security concerns will be taken care of. Users can now keep personal and business accounts separate.

User template for Admins - With Microsoft's new user template feature admins can now create and use template to save time and standardize settings when adding multiple users. This feature is great for admins who need to add users who have similar roles and will need similar settings without having to recreate the wheel. To create a template:

  • Go to admin center

  • Go to users

  • Go to active user

  • Select template

  • Select create template

Automated Incident Response: This new feature applies powerful automation capabilities to investigation and response workflows. Available to organization with ATP plan 2, Microsoft Office 365 E5, and Microsoft Office 365 EF Security.


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